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Basic Long Range Precision Rifle Course (Hunting)
  • Basic Long Range Precision Rifle Course (Hunting)

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    This is a two-day course that is suited for the novice marksman who have had little or no formal training. Some familiarity with precision rifles and optics is helpful, but not required. We promote a friendly and professional environment that puts new shooters at ease. We specialize in making you comfortable while giving you the best learning environment possible. This fast-paced course, which will begin with firearms safety and rapidly transition into equipment comprehension, fundamentals of marksmanship, basic ballistics, wind reading, and target engagements to 1000 yards. This course will utilize La Perla's Shooting Range where shots will be taken in a 180 degree field of view. La Perla's Shooting Hill presents students with a challenging set of life sized animal silhouette targets ranging up tp 1,200 yards away. In addition to
    La Perla's Shooting Hill, students will also utilize of La Perla's 1,000 yard range. This covered range consists of 10 24"x48" steel plates placed every hundred yards out to 1,000 yards. Students that complete the course will have basic proficiency in firearm safety, and marksmanship fundamentals, a combined knowledge of their personal capabilities with their equipment, and ingrained  training methods for future progression.

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